Content Creation
New Features
  • v2.0 of our recommendation engine launched in August. The new recommendation engine takes into account additional inputs such as what content a user has previously viewed, the categories of interest on their profile, the content they've created, and the requests they've made in the marketplace.
  • The Custom Questions feature launched in early August; this allows an educator to add custom screening questions to a course or internship program. An employer must answer these questions in order to apply. The goal of this feature is to add a small barrier to entry for employers in order to improve the quality of project submissions received by educators.
  • An employer signing up who is not yet a member of a company (has a pending request to join a company) is now shown the option to explore content in the sign up process.
  • Helper text has been added or improved on throughout the project creation wizard, course creation wizard, and internship program creation wizard.
  • A project now shows recommend matches to its administrators under the "Matches" tab
  • A user viewing a course, project, or internship program will see similar content or other content from that school or company recommended to them on the page.
  • A user can now flag any content in the project library that they don't think is suitable, and it starts an internal Riipen review process.