New Features
  • As a guest on the platform, prospective employers will now see a button on the project template pages to create a new project with the template. Clicking the button will send the user into the regular onboarding process, with the final step showing which template they’ve chosen. Once they confirm the template, they are taken to the project creation wizard where they can customize it.
  • Students now have the ability to re-apply to IP where their request is cancelled, declined, expired.
  • In the message centre, pressing enter inserts a new line, and shift+enter sends the actual message. This is to avoid having to manually click send all the time.
  • Any user on the Request page can sort requests by expiration date with the most recent at the top.
  • Previously the project timelines did not accurately reflect project progress, as they showed not started (0%), started (50%) and completed as 100%. Clicking the start project should not represent 50% of work completed. Now when clicking “Start project” the teams status will update to “In progress” and will remain at 0% completed. If team has not started project, status will indicate “Not started” instead of “In Progress”. Progress tracking starts from the first milestone
  • If a user is removed from a course/project/IP they will be removed from any associated conversations, including conversations generated by a request, conversation generated by a team starting a project.
  • Employers are now required to add a midpoint milestone to their project during the post-match wizard process for all internship programs.
  • Updated the designs of the standalone project template page and template preview page.