Next to the marketplace of Riipen, quite a lot of our courses work on the basis of own networks and contacts. We therefore use Riipen as an integrated LMS communication channel between student groups and external groups.
Now you can invite the external contacts, but they get added to the school pass after some steps and after they have to make a project (while this is already discussed with the teacher and the content is not relevant) and after they have to make a match with the course/get accepted.
Could there not be something implemented in that contact/companies get automatically added to the course when you 'invite company' from within the course itself? This could even be with a special magic link, linked to the course. The ideal situation would be;
Course is made and projects/partners are already found and now there needs to be a link between Canvas and Riipen.
Within course invite relevant partner/company --> Send link or get Riipen invite (with Riipen invite the option to even already make a complete project for the company that can directly be implemented in the course) --> They make an account and get the school pass --> they indeed confirm they want to be added with a project to the specific course (as this has already been agreed upon with teacher) --> they are added to the course with their project and now students can be linked.
This would make it a much shorter process and way more customer friendly for companies. Now they get invited for the school pass, still have to make a project, or edit the project and still after have to find the course/be matched. It can be extremely confusing.