I had calls with employers who showed interested in collaborating with a particular school or even a particular educator. When the experience is yet not created on the platform, they'd need to be checking from time to time on the school page or educator page to see if the desired experience is live. What if we create a notification bell that would allow users to be notified when a new experience is created under a particular school or educator profile?
I think the educators could also benefit from this if they have the ability to be notified when a project from a company they are interested in is made available. For the project notification can be tricky thou because a project can be closed and reopen, so not necessarily it has to be newly created. But if the interested educator could be then notified when the project is reopened and created as well, that could be useful.
PS: I see a stronger demand from the employer side (wanting to know when an experience is posted). From the educator side, that could be more like a good to have and less prioritized as well if you need to choose between one or the other.