As a learner, once I join Riipen and my experience, my next step is to join a team or create one if I'm not already added to one.
The issue is that not all students collaborate as effectively as they could, especially when groups are formed by the educator, and the students don't know each other well. They are still learning how to coordinate among themselves.
If I find myself in a situation where I'm a student and I'm not invited to a team, I would go ahead and create a team. However, what if my team is already created, and the team members are still learning how to add members or are unsure if this is the next step for them? In this case, I might accidentally create a new team unnecessarily.
My suggestion is that when a student applies for a project, they should have the option to create a new team or join an existing one. If they choose the second option, they should see a list of teams that are already created with the students added to each team. This way, the learner can identify which team they belong to. Once they select the option to join an existing team, the members of that team should receive a notification indicating that a learner has requested to join their team, and someone from the team needs to accept this learner.
By introducing this third option, we can avoid redundancies and provide more clarity in the student journey.